What Can a Sports Injury Chiropractor Do for You?

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If you have suffered a sports injury and are struggling to recover, then paying a visit to a sports injury chiropractor could be a sensible decision. A sports injury chiropractor can help you to manage pain, improve your posture, and correct spinal alignment problems that could otherwise be crippling. I’m from New York and it’s not hard to look for a chiropractor nyc professional.

However, it is important to note that a sports injury chiropractor cannot diagnose problems. They can help you if you know what is wrong and have been told that you just need rest, time and physio, enhancement of sport performance, but if you have suffered a traumatic injury or are having recurring, persistent pain then you should see a doctor to get a formal diagnosis – they can refer you for an MRI or X-Ray if needed, and prescribe medication.

Once you have a diagnosis, however, there is no reason not to try chiropractic treatments. You will probably find that getting regularĀ  massage treatments, spinal alignments, and check-ups will help you to recover more quickly between workouts, and relieve joint and muscle pain. Chiropractors focus on the spine, but that does not mean that they can only treat back pain. It is important to remember that the area where you feel pain isn’t always the area where your main injury is. Poor posture and injuries in one part of the body can cause pain elsewhere as you put the strain on the other muscles in your body and start performing day to day movements and sport specific movements with poor form.

Getting a chiropractic adjustment can help with this because it will check whether your spine is correctly balanced and aligned. The chiropractor will look at your back and your extremities, and your tendons, joints, and ligaments, then figure out whether you need a manipulation or not. Spinal manipulation will help to release any pressure in the joint and put the muscles back into alignment. It may be that you don’t need this, and spinal mobilization – stretching of the spine – is all that you need to get back into good shape. This will help you to feel more mobile and limber, and hopefully relieve any referred pain in your shoulders, neck or hips.

You may find that your chiropractor uses ice, heat or other methods to reduce pain from a sports injury. Talk to them about such options to see what they recommend, but remember that if after a few treatments you don’t notice a lasting improvement in your condition, you may need to consider more aggressive – and sometimes invasive – options. If you have ligament damage that is not healing, for example, then you should look at getting surgery if you cannot work around the damage in other ways.

Sometimes a chiropractor is the best option, sometimes physio will help, sometimes you need other treatments, and sometimes all three options will combine to offer pain management, a lasting solution, and a long-term recovery. Take care of your body so you can play a sport for a long time to come.