The History and Use of Cell Salts

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Cells Salts came about in 1873 after a German Doctor named Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler established the Biochemical medicine theory. By combining the principles of biochemistry with homeopathic theories, Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler provided us with twelve natural and safe Cell Salts. Each Cell Salt is derived from one of the twelve mineral compounds which are inorganic and are the most important inorganic mineral compounds to our cellular health.

The body’s natural healing mechanisms are stimulated by Cell Salts as a way to take care of any mineral imbalances. In Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler’s biochemic theory he stated that the deficiencies experienced in these minerals are the root of many health problems which are quite common, the Cell Salts which come from these minerals, provide that body with what it needs to treat this illness and be happy and healthy.

Without these crucial minerals it would be impossible to properly think, stand up straight, bend our joints, eliminate toxins and digest food and as mentioned above, most of the health issues we experience nowadays are due to the lack of certain minerals in our body.

If there is a deficiency in or even more of these minerals, your body will be off balance and become easily sick. You would feel depleted of energy, not be able to think clearly, lost emotional balance and become depressed. These essential minerals will quickly help to make any condition or disease better.

These twelve cell salts can be bought by anyone either combined or separately, there is no risk of toxicity with their use. Even pregnant or nursing women can safely take them, young and old people can benefit from them, those on prescribed medications or on natural therapies will also find these beneficial.

Being as cell salts are providing minerals on a cellular level, they do not react with medications. Children can easily take them and actually enjoy the sweet taste they have. As mentioned they can be purchased individually or in a set of the complete twelve bottles and you can create the formulas you need for your particular condition.

Here are a few of the most common uses for cell salts:

Iron deficiencies, iron inflammation, iron build up in the blood which is called hemochromatosis, inflammation in the arteries and to strengthen veins.
The three forms of calcium for bone health, hard knots, prolapse conditions as well as assimilation (digestion).

Magnesium to treat all sorts of pain, particularly neuralgia, the health of the heart and muscle spasms.

The three forms of potassium for depression, nervousness, anxiety, mucous issues, lung health, skin conditions and nerve health.

Silicea for hair loss, bones, and problems with skin and fingernails.  The three forms of sodium for digestive power, dry skin, the balance of body water aka edema or swelling and high body acidity.

If you feel that you could benefit from any or all of the amazing effects that cell salts have to offer talk to your primary care provider and see where you can purchase your cell salts today.